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The Green Heart Collective

The Green Heart Collective

108 Chestnut St. Suite B

Mount Shasta

(530) 918-9440

Open M-Sat 10-8 Sun 10-6


7 Responses to “The Green Heart Collective”
  1. ROY says:

    awesome collective. great selection of meds, and service is amazing. very friendly people, the clone i got from them is thriving

  2. Cannibis says:

    Great to hear your clone is doing well! Have only had good reviews from the Green Heart Collective, glad the same is true for you as well.
    Next time your out there be sure to get any information on selection or prices to share with us!
    Thanks for contributing to OurWeed.com

  3. Steve Knight says:

    Green Heart is top shelf…Gina works so hard to provide the best medicine available and supplies for growing your own. Cheers…..

  4. johndoe says:

    word is they only consign and at $1500 a pound. salespeople step on larger amounts also quoting from their black book. nonprofit? compassionate? they’re getting rich off us! vote to legalize so the bottom drops out on the price.

  5. arthur says:

    When are those whom are claiming the shit IS quality marijuana going to get the FUCKING POINT the bogus weed is not appreciated.

    Arthur Clark
    Yreka Ca.Member #416

  6. Elizabeth says:

    The Green Heart rocks, best medicine best prices I’ve seen in a long time. The staff is awesome, love the ladies there. Plus I can talk about growing my medicine and they have the equipment. Check it out your self and you will see. Keep up the GREAT work.


  7. adriana ospina says:

    Gina and her crew are awesome and honest .,hopefully one day i could work for her
    thank you from mt shasta Colombiana

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