Marijuana Propagation, Cloning, and Germination Kit

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Complete Propagation Cloning and Germination Kit

Site Price: $45.99

This kit is the perfect starter kit for a marijuana garden. It has 72 super plugs, where you plant your seeds; a bulb; a tall dome; and flat insert tray. The dome has holes so that it will be the optimal height for your plants.

200 Marijuana Peat Soil Plugs

200 Count – Jiffy-7 Peat Soil Pellets Seed Starting Plugs: Indoor Seed Starter

Site Price: $19.99

These little pellets are perfect for planting seeds or seedlings. Simply hydrate the pellets with water, wait for them to expand, and then push the seed or seedling into the peat. They are wrapped in a degradable net, so you can replant them easily, and have approximately a pH of 5.3. They are low ammonium content, ideal for baby plants. Best and easiest way to start a marijuana garden!

Hydroponic Germination Starter Kit

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Hydrofoam CK64050 Germination Station with Heat Mat

Site Price: $22.49

Do you have your seeds or seedlings, but want to make sure they’re going to grow? This germination starter kit gets your marijuana plants ready to go. Simply insert the seedling or seed into the 72 provided inserts. The heating mat beneath allows for the optimal humidity environment for the roots. The watertight base is 11×22 inches, and includes seed staring booster and growing tips. The inch is 2 inches tall, perfect for the first phase of marijuana growing.

4 Plant Marijuana Hydroponic Grow Kit

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Out Grow’s 4 Site Hydroponic Grow Kit

Site Price: $65.00

This kit is perfect for beginning growers. It houses room for 4 plants, which can be planted as either a seed or rooted clone, and is best in the vegetative growth stage. Grow the plant in a slotted net cup, so that the roots are constantly circulated with nutrient enriched water. Includes: Out Grow bucket reservoir and pre-cut lid, 2 inch hydroponic air stone, hydrofarm air pump, 2 inch rockwool cubes, hydroton growing medium, 3 inch net pots, root guards, and a 7 foot long air house.

Marijuana Greenhouse Starter Kit

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Jiffy Professional Greenhouse 25-Plant Starter Kit

Site Price: $8.07

This is one of the best tools for starting a marijuana garden or greenhouse. It’s a tray holding 25 pucks of high-quality peat-moss. Simply insert the seed into the saturated pucks, place in a sunny or humid environment, and the seeds will germinate. Once the roots show through the bottom, replant them in a new pot, garden, or hydroponic set up. The plastic tray is also made of recyclable material.

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