Portable Marijuana Greenhouse

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High Quality Portable Greenhouse w/ Shelves, 5 Tier, Mini Geen House New

Site Price: $43.75

This portable green house is small and has 5 shelves for more plants. There is plenty of ventilation for your marijuana plants, and offers great protection for outdoor gardens. Size: 74x28x20.

Large Marijuana Grow Room

GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room – GL40

Site Price: $77.00

Perfect for cuttings, clones, mother plants, or an entire marijuana hydroponic or soil garden! This 14x14x311 portable grow room with mylar coated interior. 97% of outside heat is reflected by the tent material. It is perfect for a must-have for a marijuana grow room.

Marijuana Grow Room

100% Reflective Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

Site Price: $79.00

At 24x48x60 inches, this marijuana grow room is perfect–for anywhere you want to put it! The inside is coated with reflective Mylar, which reflects the light of the room all over the marijuana plants. The outside is black-colored polyester and incredibly durable. The metal frame is sturdy with plastic push-lock corners. No outside light can break into the tent, guaranteeing your plant’s light cycle to be undisturbed.

Small Marijuana Greenhouse

Gardman Walk-In Greenhouse

Site Price: $88.11

This small greenhouse is perfect if you don’t think you have enough room in your backyard for one! It is easy to put together, and the polycarbonate glazing is much safer than glass, so your kids and pets aren’t at risk if it breaks. It measures 49x75x75, perfect for a medium sized marijuana garden.

81-Pellet Marijuana Seed Starter Greenhouse

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Hydrofarm Jumpstart 91-Pellet Indoor Seed Start Greenhouse

Site Price: $16.28

Ready to start planting seeds for your marijuana garden? Simply use this bad boy to speed along germination. The greenhouse includes 81 pellets. Simply add water, and they quickly expand into earth friendly, biodegradable peat plugs. The thin netting that wraps around each pellet biodegrades once replanted into a larger pot after plants have germinated. The vented dome maintains humidity and warmth. The kit is reusable if you purchase more pellets.

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