Kryptonite Marijuana Strain Review

November 18, 2010 by  
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A descendant from OG Kush, Kryptonite is as dangerous to the regular stoner as to Superman. A potent strain of marijuana, it is Indica dominant.

The high lasts for quite some time, giving a strong Indica high. You’ll want to relax at home for this strain, so it’s best for an evening toke before bed.

Incredibly potent, this strain leaves a pungent skunky aroma in the room. The high will make you both euphoric and lazy, and often will leave you craving a nap. If used for medicinal purposes, it helps stress and pain, as well as insomnia.


Indica Strain
THC Content high
Sleepy aftereffects
Pungent OG scent
Best for stress, pain, and insomnia

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