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Swiss Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

May 1, 2010 by  
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Swiss Cheese Review

Don’t know a whole lot about the Swiss Cheese Marijuana Strain out side of the fact that I know I like it, and that it is possibly once of the dankest medicinal strains I have come across this year. Swiss Cheese is one of those strains that you have to look at a couple of times to realize that its real, and yes there are that many crystals, and that aroma is that strong. This is one of those super strains.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese has some great looking small tight nugs, dense and lightly covered with dark orange hairs.

The smoke and taste of Swiss Cheese quickly explains why it is another very highly recommended medical marijuana strain, and possibly one of the most popular in some Southern California counties. A very good and smooth taste that will leave you wanting more, but certainly not needing it anytime soon.

This is a strain however that you can end up paying more than $500-700 an ounce for, something that is just simply unheard of. Outside of the price though nothing can be said bad about this wonderful, heavy hitting, instantly gratifying strain.


3 Responses to “Swiss Cheese Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. roy rodgers says:

    i can get this strain for 420 an ounce y’all have your prices wrong.

  2. Our Weed Editor says:

    $420 an ounce is not bad, but still more expensive than many of the more common strains available. The price quoted was on the very high end of the price spectrum. It is appreciated that you shared your prices as well.
    Prices are of course always going to change… What area do you purchase from, what dispensary?

  3. sanjit t says:

    i can get 130 an ounce of this stuff right here im from callii

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