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SnowCap Marijuana Strain Review

May 1, 2010 by  
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First thing to say about SnowCap is that it is a great medication should you also have something to do. This is one of those strains that is NOT going to give you couch lock and leave you some what useless or tired. SnowCap is a highly recommended strain and one that is often available throughout the medical marijuana industry territories.

Snow Cap

Snow Cap

The aroma from SnowCap is not a strong one, but it is noticeable. SnowCap offers a some what fruity smell with a hint of pine, very refreshing. The smoke from SnowCap has a distinct taste that is very familiar with the SnowCap aroma.

Upon smoking (or vaporizing) you can instantly feel the effects of SnowCap, but again this is not a strain that is going to put you to sleep, it will how ever leave you to have a productive day.

SnowCap is a very strong sativa hybrid, it offers strong sativa characteristics that and a wonderful but not over bearing medicated feeling. The medicated feeling from SnowCap lasts much longer than that of many other available strains, this is of course going to be based on your tolerance to a specific strain. However, a good sativa is rare and thus SnowCap is likely to be highly medicating and long lasting for you as well.


One Response to “SnowCap Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. lil bear says:

    SnowCap is a vry good strain.. it smokes lovely nd smells good afterward with sweet aroma…
    Overall I would give it five stars…

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