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Pot Farm the Game

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Pot Farm is quickly becoming the largest marijuana farm game of all time. With game play very much like that of many of the other farm games it is a fairly easy to understand game. The most unique aspects of Pot Farm the game come in the fact that unlike in the hugely popular Farmville, rather than growing and harvesting vegetables your are growing and harvesting various strains of marijuana.

Pot Farm the Game

Pot Farm the Game

Currently Pot Farm the Game on Facebook has nearly 1.5 mil monthly active users. With simple game play and the ability to grow marijuana on Facebook, it seemed that stoners everywhere have joined this game.

It is amazing to see another farm game do so well on Facebook when there have been so many… and Farmville has already had so many players… yet that has been no problem for Pot Farm the Game. As the first truly marijuana based farm game on Facebook Pot Farm the Game is the first of its kind, even if only in niche.

The marijuana game market is ever growing over the past year, and is likely to continue to do so. Society as a whole seems to have relaxed a lot on the issue of marijuana and legalization, we believe this has had a lot to do with the success of this game, and several others based on marijuana farming or dealing.

There are a couple of great Marijuana games available on Facebook right now… and if your looking for just a farm game you are unlikely to come across a better marijuana farm game than Pot Farm the Game… however if your looking for a full on marijuana drug dealer game that offers the buying, selling, stealing, harvesting and distributing of marijuana you might want to also check out Weed Wars… Personally we think both of the games are awesome, although not at all alike.

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