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Mr Nice Guy Marijuana Strain Review

May 1, 2010 by  
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Mr Nice Guy is an amazing looking strain, right off the bat that is what is going to strike you first, and I believe a big reason why it has been so popular the past couple of months. With strong purple coloring and very long light colored hairs this is really a great looking marijuana strain.

Mr Nice Guy

Mr Nice Guy

The taste and sell of the Mr Nice Guy strain will remind you of fruit, more of an orchard than a specific fruit you may eat, but is an overall very pleasant experience.

Mr Nice Guy is available for moderate prices and is commonly found throughout the medical marijuana world, if you see it on the menu it is definitely a strain worth sampling.

Mr Nice Guy however is not one of the strongest, or longest lasting strains you are likely to find available. The best aspects of the Mr Nice Guy marijuana strain are simply in appearance, aroma, and taste.

A must try for any marijuana connoisseur.


9 Responses to “Mr Nice Guy Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. devin says:

    So Ihave tried mr nice guy and the bud is very good and i enjoyed it tatse great and the high is good to i would reccomend this strain to everyone.

  2. spaded says:

    My first time smoking this strain right… Now.
    Taste pretty good no burning in the back of the throat
    very smooth taste nice mellow high.

  3. nick says:

    boi dis shit was flame ass hell i was gone off dis weed and when i first heard of the name i thought it was fake but once i took a couple of hits off dat bitch i was gone.

  4. greg says:

    this strain is pretty dank. i picked up a quarter from a buddy and its a nice purple/orange color with many crystals on it.. took like 4 bong rips before i went to school yesterday and man was i ripped haha. great taste too

  5. emmy-d says:

    real strong stink, like really strong.. great.. no awesome taste and its really pretty. i got more little nugs that than fat kolas in the sack. didnt get me too blaze or make me to tired but still a really smooth smoke.

  6. Blaized says:

    I picked up a 1/8 of this fine strain, great compact buds, great aroma very strong aroma. amazing taste especially out of a joint,blunt,pinner etc.
    Paid $60 for it five dollars over but was well worth it. the high was amazing it was mellow very social I thought. It doesnt seem very potent but it does creep on you,if you have just a few hits you will sleep great if you just do it right before bed. The smell is definitely earthy has somewhat of a skunk smell as well as a faint hint of fruit. has beautiful crystals. i would recomend this bud for anyone that smokes in general but more for those who like smoking but dont like being totaly spaced out. The looks of the bud are nice my buds were nicely manicured. Over all this bud is by far my personal favorite for the high it gives me. id give it a 9.5 to 10 . go pick up a bag of this awesome strain.

  7. D-CAT says:

    i tell you Mr. nice guy give me cotton mouth and a little spacey, i love it.

  8. Jafroniggus says:

    I don’t know if it grows and cures differently in different climates, but I’m not in California. Mr Nice Guy I had wasn’t as purple, but all other characteristics of it are spot on with the description others described. It’s a great strain, and after 2 rips with a classic 19″ “tobacco” master and enough time for the creep to set in, it left me heavy-eyed at first and then later I had trouble keeping them open. One would have been enough. I thought it was a fairly long-lasting buzz because I didn’t feel the need to refresh again later in the evening.

    I was happy, VERY relaxed, alert in conversation, but had no idea where my keys and cell phone went? Didn’t care, either. Didn’t need either one. Great body-high. Roommate wouldn’t shut up, but I didn’t feel like punching him in the face. Laughed at him instead. I’d say it’s named very appropriately.

  9. SWIM says:

    Great strain, very happy uplifting vibe. Do not smoke this if you want to be couch locked/ultra faded, this is a light smoke, though thoroughly enjoyable.

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