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Medical Marijuana in the High Desert (IE Dispensary 7)

IE Dispensary 7 is a great delivery service that covers all of the High Desert and most of the surrounding mountain areas. They have a full line up of meds always available and always changing. This is one of the few medical marijuana delivery services in the area that offers a price cap on eighths at $60, for delivery $60 is a great price cap.

This is a medical marijuana delivery service that I have been privileged enough to try out, actually on many occasions. The delivery guys are always prompt. If there are several other deliveries scheduled on the list before you, when you call in to place a delivery, someone will let you know how long it will take… and I have never waited more than 45 minutes.

IE Dispensary 7 OG Purps

IE Dispensary 7 OG Purps

Have had so many great strains from this delivery service, it is truly impressive. The quality and pricing are always fair and the delivery person always courteous. Really overall great ratings and would highly recommend to anyone.

Another interesting fact is that they ALWAYS have concentrates available… not something true of many delivery services.

Locally this is one of the highest rated medical marijuana delivery service, if not THE HIGHEST rated medical marijuana delivery service in the area. They have a constant flow of high end meds as well as a constant flow of moderately priced meds. This is also one of those few medical marijuana delivery services that will allow you to split your eighths between two strains if you so choose.

The delivery service operates between the hours of 9am and 8pm.

Phone Number

1-800-791-5180  EXT 7

If you get a chance, they usually have Orange Crush Crumbly Hash available, I would highly recommend spending the $30 for a gram, real great taste and overall great medication.

Oh yea, of course tell IE Dispensary 7 where you found them at, and as always when you get home with your meds be sure to come back and review the quality of the strain as well as the dispensary or delivery service you used.

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2 Responses to “Medical Marijuana in the High Desert (IE Dispensary 7)”
  1. Poisonstalker says:

    These men keep it real and tight……no fools here, just the shit you need….Im down for their herb anytime, theyve not failed me once in many months! WORD
    Thanks Guys, I appreciate your quality service.


  2. LaChelle Robertson says:

    How do you become a deliver I like the fact of helping people that really need medical Marijuana. I have even did reasearch on all the different types of Marijuna. I know alot about how to grow how to become a grower the only thing that I think i have not done is attended osterdam which I want to do one day but until i can I want to help out people who need medical marijuna

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