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Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Master Kush, another one of those strains that has had just so much hype built around it, and for real good reason. Master Kush
is consistently a popular choice by patients looking for meds as well as growers looking for clones. The fact that there are always people asking about this strain goes to credit the quality of it.

Master Kush

Master Kush

Master Kush produces some of the best looking nugs, literally covered in what appears to be small white crystals, offering an instant wow factor upon inspection, this strain is no joke. There are, or may be in some batches, very small hints of purple… The most impressive visual aspect is that the nugs appear almost light green due to the number and dense distribution of the crystals.

A natural pine aroma comes off the Master Kush nugs and increases greatly when the nugs are broken or ground up to be prepared to smoke (or vaporize).

Master Kush offers a very high THC content, with a strong indica and sativa mix, this strain is likely to quickly and heavily medicate most who inhale it.

Master Kush is a popular choice for growers due to the ease of indoor growing with such a hardy strain, in addition to offering a very high yield (when compared to the quality of the fruit that you are harvesting).

Master Kush because of it’s popularity has become one of the more affordable and widely available “great strains” keep your eyes out and your sure to see it pop up on the menu of your local dispensary or delivery service. This is a strain that can offer some serious couch lock if you smoke more than absolutely necessary… As most highly potent strains that are a hybrid of indica and sativa Master Kush offers a lot of great qualities of both.

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