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When it comes to online games, we’re always looking for something that will hold our attention. Marijuana is one of those topics that hold my interest, at least.

There is a new game on Facebook called Weed Wars. Since it is on Facebook, it’s pretty easy to access and use, and to get my friends to play. One aspect of the game is growing marijuana. In Weed Wars, it’s called Harvesting, and it takes place in my Secret Garden.

The concept is fairly simple, yet it is a vital part of the game. First, I have to buy some land. When I started, there were six empty slots. All I had to do was purchase a property (like hydro-gardens and stuff) and plant them in the land slot. Then I get to harvest it! That’s the best part, because I get to play an arcade game (it’s like Dance Dance Revolution, or Stepmania). The better I do at the game, the more weed I can harvest—also, the more expensive the property I buy, the harder the game, and the more weed I can harvest.

That makes it more detailed and involved than the other marijuana growing games I’ve found online. Besides that, I can only harvest a property once every six hours (not six hours from when I harvest, but every six hour: I can harvest once between noon and 6 at night, etc). But if I don’t want to wait, I can spend 25 points and do it right then. That’s pretty cool.

The detail in Weed Wars is so intriguing. For example, the more weed I have, the more money I can earn. But also the more points I have, the more weed I can harvest, and the more money I can earn. And the arcade games offer a new layer to the farming games already out there. No longer do I just sit around on a farm and harvest crops: now I have a goal to perfect my gaming skills while harvesting.

Yep, now we can grow and harvest marijuana without waiting twelve weeks.

Weed Wars

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