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December 15, 2010 by  
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I’m always looking out for fun interactive games, especially if they’re about my favorite subject: weed. With the new game Weed Wars, SocialKicks introduces a brand new level of weed arcade games.

There weren’t really many before this, so seeing them in relation to another, more complex game is awesome. Most of these games have multiple levels, so they get harder as you go along. It’s continuously challenging and fun.

Click here to play Weed Wars and more arcade games!

Here’s a list of some Weed Wars marijuana arcade games:

Scratch for Cash

Get the Weed (3 Levels)

Capture the Cash (3 Levels)

Target Practice (3 Levels)

Whack a Mole (3 Levels)

Each of these games is unique to the genre, since I’ve never really seen a good weed-arcade game before. Check them out on Weed Wars and tell us if you agree.

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