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Marijuana Alcohol Recipe

November 11, 2010 by  
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Alcohol infused with marijuana? Every college students wet dream. Here is a recipe that will give you the ultimate cross-fade. While it does take at least ten days to properly absorb the THC, the outcome is so worth the risk, making this a recipe to utilize for holidays or celebrations you’ll remember–well, probably not–for the rest of your life. It can also be used in candies to give the kick of THC you need on the run. In order to prepare the marijuana to be as dry as needed, put on a baking sheet (after grounded) at 150 degrees Fahrenheit, until the weed is dry enough to crumble when rolled between your fingers!

This recipe is very similar to the Marijuana Tincture Recipe.

Marijuana Alcohol Recipe


1/2-1 ounce finely ground and dried marijuana (like shake)
10-20 ounces high proof alcohol (while we recommend Bacardi 151 Rum, use your favorite high-proof)


1. Place the finely ground and dried marijuana into an airtight container.
2. Pour alcohol over the cannabis, and put the lid on the container.
3. Store in a cool, shaded space for at least 10 days. The longer you wait, the better.
4. Shake several times a day.
5. Strain to remove plant matter.
6. Serve and enjoy! Put in cocktails, drink in shots, or even make jello shots!

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  1. wicked recipe man!! im gonna use this at a party this weekend!! look forward to seeing how this baby turns out! thanks man

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