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LED Marijuana Grow Light

May 2, 2011 by  
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LED Wholesalers Blue/Red/Orange/White 90×1 Watt LED High Power Round Grow Light

Site Price: $159.00

These LED grow lights are optimal for marijuana garden plant growth. The different bulbs of LED provide the necessary light spectrum that optimizes harvest yields. The heat is very minimal coming from this light, meaning that it can be in a smaller grow room without burning a plant or changing humidity.


2 Responses to “LED Marijuana Grow Light”
  1. Gorilla Grower of the Central Valley says:

    Honestly, Most all LED techknoledgey has been dissapinting .You just don’t get the same yileds as with tradional lighting(HS) .But the last several years unti now (7-6-2011) the LEd techknowledgy has grown although prices remain relatively high . Led companies are produceing true 3 watt led on thier panels now .This allows the spectrum of light to penetrait deeper and be more absorbed by the plants , this will help the yields but it is still not thier yet .Give it another year or 2 and we will see 5 watt LED lights .These Led lights will finally best the regualar lighting systems , although with a higher cost .Since they will use about 40% less power and run cooler and last between 8-10 years when compared to traditional lighting for grows .You can get basic HS lighting system with ballest ,canapy and reflecter for under 200 bucks and this has been the tried and true systems that most average home growers use when compared to LED lights that cost abound the 600 dollar mark and up .The sad fact is the average new grower always wants to spend the very least and get the smallest and cheapest LED lighting they can ,thinking they will have a good outcome on yields .Unfortunately ,I reccommend that this is most probably why the loads of bad news reviews .My rule always is to figure to double your lighting needs as this solves most lighting related problems althugh increases your cost but it allows you to add additional plants if needed . My best suggestion is to wait a few more years as 5 Watt and maybe higher LED grow lights come into the markets . The older LED techknowledgy will also be dropping in price which can make it more affordable form the very small grower .To me LED is like getting a home solar energy system .You pay like 20 grand to have a lower cost of electrical power but the pay off is like 10 to 15 years down the road .

  2. MARK TANG says:

    we are one of the largest and professional led grow light manufacturer in China.
    we have developed integrated light bead used for led grow light .
    this is more advanced. so we now are looking for distributors in your country.

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