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Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain Review

July 25, 2011 by  
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Just like the name suggests, Laughing Buddha brings to mind a joyful, uplifting cerebral high. Sativa-dominant, this Thai and Jamaican crossed strain won the 2003 Cannabis Cup.

For medical purposes, Laughing Buddha marijuana strain is great for migraines, glaucoma, depression, and arthritis. A heavy yielder of huge, dense buds, covered with trichromes.

While Laughing Buddha does well indoors and outdoors, this intermediately difficult plant can produce up to 3 pounds per square yard, if done right in a Sea of Green. Outside, she’ll usually reach 4-5 feet, but is difficult to care for.

The flavors are exotic, like berries, citrus, pepper, and candy. With 18% THC level, this strain has one of the top-line potencies.

Laughing Buddha

Intermediate growing difficulty
Moderate yield
Won Cannabis Cup 2003
18% THC potency content
Treats depression, migraines, glaucoma, and arthritis
Uplifting high

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