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LA Confidential Marijuana Strain Review

October 11, 2010 by  
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The LA Confidential Marijuana Strain is a unique and favored hybrid, a some what recent addition to the medical marijuana scene the LA Confidential Marijuana Strain has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. In most cases the LA Confidential Marijuana Strain is highly regarded but graded over all with a 4 out of 5 stars.

LA Confidential Marijuana StrainLA Confidential has a some what unique look with multi colored hairs and a nice thin coating of crystals covering the bulk of the entire LA Confidential nug. Most LA Confidential bugs have some purple tints and or areas of purple coloring, this is very much related to the amount of time the plant was allow to mature. In many cases new growers will harvest LA Confidential early and miss out on the purple coloring of the flowers and the additional and final growth spurt that makes the LA Confidential such a dense and favored medication.

LA Confidential has an odor that will remind you or early outdoor strains. With a hint of pine the LA Confidential smell will be both familiar as well as somewhat unique all to its own.

The taste of LA Confidential is very close to the smell. A soothing and smooth pine like taste that is sure to be a favorite.

The effects of the LA Confidential marijuana strain are perfect for reducing anxiety, stress and similar ailments while maintaining a clear enough head to be able to still carry out your day.

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