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Island Maui Haze Marijuana Strain Review

November 22, 2010 by  
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A grade A strain of marijuana, Island Maui Haze is a Sativa dominant. That means your head will feel the high, and it is such a creeper that it will sneak up on you long past your session. It will put you in a creative frame of mind, perfect for doing thoughtful activities. You’ll want to move around, maybe hike, or do work. While it is great for pain in medicinal use, you won’t be left locked to your couch, but still feel that heady happy feeling.

The Island Maui Haze nugs are small but incredibly dense, with a large quantity per branch per plant. The dark green nugs are coated with orange-red hairs. While there aren’t many trichomes, it kind of resembles Parmesan cheese with the crystals decorating it.

Even though the nug looks delicious, the scent is akin to bleach or ammonia, but that could vary due to growing techniques. The flavor, though, is delicious: it’s almost like vanilla, skunk, sour, and earthly all in one. The taste hits you immediately, and fades to a harsh after-tone that will ensue coughing.

Island Maui Haze Marijuana

Dense, small nugs
Potent THC
Complex taste
Creeping high, induces creativity
Lasts about an hour

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