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Headband Marijuana Strain Review

November 18, 2010 by  
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One of the most popular strains, Headband is an Indica dominant hybrid. She’ll give you the type of high that is strong, quick, and lasts a long time.

The nug is a beautiful green shade, frosted with crystals and red strands of hair. It’s dense and glitters, just like the best nugs.

An aroma of sweet, potent skunk smell and the flavor of skunk with a heady aftertaste. If you smoke during the day, make sure it’s in small doses, because it’ll put you in a nap state before you know it! But if taken in the right doses, it’ll leave you in a creative state-of-mind, probably good enough to go trekking outside; you’ll be perky and upbeat, just like a good Sativa strain should do.

For medicinal purposes, Headband is best used for anxiety, stress, and pain. If dosed heavily, insomnia and nausea can be relieved.


Strong THC content
Perky high
Medical uses: anxiety, stress, pain
Skunk taste and flavor


3 Responses to “Headband Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. matt mernagh says:

    i love the Headband marijuana strain. works wonders at relieving my pain. excellent indica strain. have a great 2011.

  2. mike says:

    Feb 26: Dude I had some of this yesterday and today. Yesterday my friends and I mixed some of this headband green with some shisha and smoked it out of a 4 hoser hookah pipe. After about 20 minutes of smoking, I wasn’t feeling much but then when I stood up…. I could feel it. I went on to smoke it for another 20 minutes while standing and I was totally out of it dude. I left after 40 minutes after smoking this shisha/headband mix and played some halo reach while my 2 other friends were smoking for another 20 minutes before the coal died in the hookah. Dude I was so out of it when playing halo reach. There was like 4 headband buds in the hookah bowl. I eventually just ended up crashing on the couch at like 2am.
    I woke up today with really red eyes. So my friends and I got some shisha going on. Then we ate breakfast and my friend smoked like 2 bowls of this and we went and got munchies. Once we got munchies, we all smoked the last of my friend’s headband green out of a pipe and bong. I must of got like 5 or 6 hits. It wasn’t as strong as last night was but I had some munchies. I then chilled a few hours at my friends and went home. Overall, headband is some really good shit. It is also easy on the throat.

  3. shameless says:

    Mike im sorry to say but after reading your story I highly doubt you actually had headband because smoking the hookah with four buds in shouldn’t really make you more stoned then the bong and bowl you smoked, though it may seem like it, plus hookah coals are constantly burning the thc on the buds so have fun with that. It is absolutely not easy on the throat in my opinion.

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