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Harvesting Marijuana: Drying Rack

We know how difficult it can be trying to find enough space for letting buds dry after harvesting. This 8 Ply Round Drying Rack for Herbs features plenty of room for bigger bounties from harvests, and it hands from a ceiling with a self-supporting structure. With a total of eight shelves (measuring about 22”x22” overall), the rack collapses when you need to store it again until next harvest, while the high-quality nylon design makes the buds dry quickly.

Overall, this drying rack is super easy to use (that’s right, take it out of the box and hang it). After trimming your buds, set them in this rack and wait until they are dry enough to help those medical ailments.

Note: make sure to store it somewhere animals can’t get to! Hair loves this nylon.

Price: $29.95

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