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Green Happiness Healing Center (GHHC)

Green Happiness Healing Center (GHHC)

8707 Lindley Ave. Suite G, Northridge, Ca. 91325
Phone: (818) 886-2479


Mon-Fri: 11 am to 11 pm

Sat-Sun: 11 am to 9 pm

Green Happiness Healing Center (GHHC)Green Happiness Healing Center offers good customer service and appears to have a good selection of around 25 strains or so most of the time. They proudly display all state paperwork on the wall in clear view too.


3 Responses to “Green Happiness Healing Center (GHHC)”
  1. Kurt says:

    I LOVE THIS COLLECTIVE the service was amazing, the people were ridiculously nice, and wow…. i just love it…. and if any of the people who work at GHHC read this, know that U GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

  2. Me says:

    GHHC was raided yesterday (Nov. 18th)

  3. Soso says:

    what is going on? all the places are closed! I love GHHC and when I passed by today it was closed. Then I realized all the places near by were closed!

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