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Green Earth Collective (GEC)

Green Earth Collective (GEC)

5045 York Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca.
Phone: (323) 982-9042
Hours: Mon. to Fri: 10:00a to 8:00p, Sat: 11:00a to 8:00p, Sun: 11:00a to 6:00p

Green Earth Collective (GEC) may have a 65 dollar average for eighths, but their quality is more than worth it. This is the place for people looking for potency rather than cheap medications.


2 Responses to “Green Earth Collective (GEC)”
  1. Harry says:

    definitly not a high quality,in fact i went there and this place has low quality , full of lies they say anything to get you to the store,don’t try it this is the type of place(dispencery)that should be banned!

  2. Zachary says:

    I have been coming to Green Earth since the day they opened. They used to charge tax and a 2 dollar service fee to swipe your card, the tax is gone now but the service fee is still there. This shop is meh to say the least. Dry crumbly herbs and a sad selection of top shelf. Today upon going in there though I was told I have been 86d for something I absolutely have no clue as to what they are talking about. I was told I cant come back in because I flipped off the camera or some crap like that and simply told to leave, I couldn’t speak to a manager or anything. That was that. A patient who lives within walking distance that has been coming multiple times a week for years, just simply told to leave and that I could never come back. What an absolute slap in the face. Way to show that you guys care and are there for the patient. If there was any professionalism going on in your shop you guys would of let me speak someone in charge, but since you guys showed such utter disrespect and overall rudeness I left, but this time I did do what you guys said I did the first time. I walked outside and stood in front of your cameras and gave you the bird. If that is how you treat long time patients, well than f*ck you too. & stop selling your PX concentrates for so much. You can get the same thing for 30$ a gram at other shops.

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