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Grass Roots Research & Education

AK 47 Marijuana one of the common strains available that is also an extremely popular choice for marijuana smokers.

AK 47 Marijuana one of the common strains available that is also an extremely popular choice for marijuana smokers.

Grass Roots Research & Education (GRRE) 176 Aero Camino, Goleta, Ca.
Phone: 805-845-3948
Hours: Mon to Thurs: 12p-8p, Fri to Sat: 12p-9p & Sun: 12p-6p

–Not a lot of information yet from this clinic however it is known that they are open and opperating, and we are anxiously awaiting some reviews from this clinic.

One thing we do know about this collective is they did a very nice “special” this holiday season… Somethat that really made them stand out from a lot of the others out there… The special they offered read as follows:

Any patient that donates a turkey will receive a FREE 1/8Th of C-4 or a gram for every 8 cans of food. All donations will be given to the salvation armies Thanks Giving turkey dinner. Thank you for your support.”

Our hats are off to you guys for offering such a benevolent holiday promotion!


7 Responses to “Grass Roots Research & Education”
  1. fred kapp says:

    thanks I am a founding member we our a not for profit collective that grows all its own meds and makes all its edibles and concentrates.We are in a low foot traffic industrial area As you saw we gave away $4000 in cannabis for turkeys and 1000 for toys for tots We are all volunteers no paid employees Stop by anytime.We our also big activists helping anyway we can M-T 12-8pm Fri-Sat 12-9 and Sun 12-6 Fred 805 845-3948 Grass Roots

  2. fred kapp says:

    We are the home of the $20 1/8th We cap all meds at $50

  3. Our Weed Editor says:

    Cant beat a $20 1/8
    That is an amazing deal, and a great example of treating your patients right!

    The toys for tots and the turkey give away make you guys really stand out in the community! You guys are awesome!

  4. fred kapp says:

    Also we have expanded we still have 158 aero camino our admin. bldg.Our intake and green room are at 176 Aero Camino where stop N Grow was located

  5. Fred, AS a afficionado on rare and exotic cigars,as well as my experience with marijuana, hash, etc. as you know what I like (the GLASS) the purple Urkel is a very interesting strain. My NIGHT QUEEN is usually on a scale of 1-10 a 9.0-14.0 really you know what I mean as you have tried it. I am very curious to find varieties on a regular basiis similar to mine, but at the moment I am in Fl. They will eventually come around–$$$$$$$- & this climate could be the Capital of 10 star weed, mark my words. Call me Fred.
    Long ashes to everyone

  6. Oscar H says:

    Why are you reading this instead of going to Grass Roots?!

    Go. Now. I’m serious.

    It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the coolest place to score some of the finest herb imaginable. The atmosphere is great, they treat you like a real person and the bud… well…

    Why are you still reading this instead of getting some for yourself? $50 cap is a winner in my book.

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