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Grand Daddy Purple Strain Review

October 11, 2010 by  
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Grand Daddy Purple is a seriously amazing looking marijuana strain and is another one of those clones that is just far to difficult to get a hold of. The demand for this strain is one of the highest we have seen in the LA area.

Grand Daddy PurpleThe color and odor of the Grand Daddy Purple strain is unsurpassed, making the first glance appeal just amazing. This is one of the reasons it is a popular purchase in Marijuana Clinics and Dispensaries that are lucky enough to get this highly coveted medication in stock.

The Grand Daddy Purple strain has few hairs throughout the nug, but has some very nice crystal formation. The hairs on Grand Daddy Purple seem to grow in spurts and spots throughout the flower leaving little prediction for where the next patch of hairs will come in.

The taste of Grand Daddy Purple is that of most purple medications, it is a very smooth and relaxing taste. With such a smooth taste there is almost no after taste to this purple strain.

The Grand Daddy Purple effects are somewhat light and unlikely to contribute to a “couch lock” feeling based on the amount consumed. While Grand Daddy Purple offers mostly cerebral effects it can still be used as a medication to assist with eating disorders or insomnia… one of the many strains that have many medically relevant uses.

Grand Daddy Purple is another highly recommended medical marijuana strain.

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