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Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain Review

Grand Daddy Purple also referred to as “Grandaddy Purp” or “GPD” Strain Review

The GDP marijuana strain is one of those that has recently become a constant in some of the better and more popular medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries. A much spicer flavor than one would anticipate based on the small of the nugs. The aroma however spicy and piney is very nice and is unique to this particular strain… I have yet to smell anything quite like it.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple

There is obviously strong purple coloring, which is at least part of this great strains name sake.

The real greatness in Grand Daddy Purple is in the taste and effects. The taste when smoking Grand Daddy Purple is very clearly reminiscent of grapes, and the effects of Grand Daddy Purple are both quick to come and long lasting.

The true effects of Grand Daddy Purple can be described in this being a very high quality Indica strain offering many of the traditional qualities. This is a strain that could give you couch lock easily.

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