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Of all of the marijuana games that I have seen in the course of my stoner life, I think the most popular has got to be DopeWars. With the classic multi-city style Dopewars game you the feeling that you were an international drug dealer.

dopewarsThe main goal of DopeWars was for a user to emulate a drug dealer going from town to town to find the best prices to buy drugs as well as the highest prices to sell them.

The main downside to DopeWars was just the limited playability and of course the fact that it was not really a multi-player game…. Another minor downside was the way the game looked, of course at the time of release it seemed to be something truely impressive… by today’s standards DopeWars just does not seem to have the attraction it once did.

Irregardless of any faults DopeWars may have on today’s standards, it was an amazing and highly used game… Which is why we are excited to let you know about a  new drug dealing game “Weed Wars”.

Weed WarsWeed Wars Launches on Facebook Jan 1 2011…

Stoners all over have been looking for a game like Dope Wars , but something with better graphics, more game play, and definitely multi player. Finally I found one, but it’s even better!

Weed Wars is more realistic because it’s not just farming marijuana like other games. You act as a drug dealer, growing plants, buying properties, and attacking rivals. You can buy, sell, grow and even steal marijuana.

Click to play Weed Wars on Facebook!

Once you have either harvested, purchased, or stolen your weed it comes time to sell it… And just like in the real world the more customers you have the more weed you can sell at a premium rate… It is truly amazing how life like this game really is. With weed prices changing daily and the ability to operate your very own marijuana grow properties… and even determine the amount of weed you harvest… every stoner is going to want to be in this game!

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