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Blue Mystic Marijuana Strain Review

September 1, 2010 by  
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The California bud, Blue Mystic, is a mostly indica indoor strain. The dense, heavy buds are shiny blue in color, and the taste resembles blue berries or fruit. Despite the potent taste, the plant has a very low smell during the growth process.

Blue Mystic:
Short Height
Flowers in 8-9 weeks
Harvests in October
Yields approximately 200-500 grams


One Response to “Blue Mystic Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. Jeff says:

    I wish people would start to talk more about what the high is like when reviewing strains.

    Who cares how many trichomes it has, the look, smell, flavor, how sticky it is blah blah blah. What everyone is after in the end is the quality of the high.

    I remember some of the best stuff I ever had was just dark green loose leaves. Didn’t even have a smell hardly. We laughed incredibly hard, got EXTREME MUCNHIES and felt SO uplifted nothing could bring me down. Never saw that stuff again…dammmmitt!!

    But yeah, I scan so many reviews about strains and people just love talking about everything but the high. Are all the strains so similar in the high that’s it’s not worth going into more detail?

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