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Azura Marijuana Strain Review

October 13, 2010 by  
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Azura is one of the tastiest plants. With its berry flavor, it is titillating. The strain’s lineage is of 40% sativa and 60% indica, making it a good mix with a great high.
The plant itself bears high yields with an azure coating–hence the name–and the crystals almost gleam violet, making this a brilliant flower to behold.

The flavor is reminisce of Tutti Frutti, although it is a descendant from the Light of Jah. The potency is high, making this an overall wonderful plant–perfect for a great taste and high stone.

60% Indica/40% Sativa
Can be grown indoors or outdoors
Flowers in about 9 weeks
Yields about 700 grams
THC content of about 21%
Moderately difficult to grow


2 Responses to “Azura Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. Buzz Saw says:

    I have finished my first op with this lovely lady and have computed the following using Advanced Nutrients professional mix.

    1. If you dont like manicuring I suggest you leave these alone or have someone else manicure for you. 8 hours per plant of manicuring is not un-common. The reason is that every little bud is just that, its own little bud with yep a couple of sets of guard leaves each.

    2. The buds are very loose and airy, but glisten with trichs. When they are finishing you will see the berry colors ( purple and blues ) in the buds.

    3. The phenos range in size so make sure that you pick a bigger one for propagation.

    4. The taste is of berry, more black than blue, the effects are very fast and very strong and last as long as 2 or 3 hours. It kicks your backside but doesnt couch lock you.

    5. The plant grows very much like a white russian plant and really octopuses the top half with very long branches and very long flowers. This babe likes lots of water, your pots will dry in as little as a day. These ladies are the biggest feeders I have ever met. 2 to 1 bar none on water intake compared to all other strains. So more work there as well.

    6. Do I believe shes worth all the extra work to get dried nugs and will people actual appreciate it as a medical patient all the work you put in. Probably could care less what hell you go through to make meds. These ladies are in my opinion worth the extra care, and would be for me personally, because there are stronger easier strains to deal with for sure for patients in need. It boils down to your personality. Alot of people would see potential in strain crossing with this unit to cut down the trim time for sure.

    You could expect 3 – 6 dried ounces per plant depending on veg time/nutrients/water source/all the other room variables one would expect in a grow op towards that perfect room.

  2. Our Weed Editor says:

    Awesome grow review! Lots of great information! Glad to hear the plants were worth the extra work, that kind of info is crucial for those of who who have not yet grown that strain! Keep the reviews coming and good luck on your next grow!

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