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Afgoo (Afgooey) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

May 3, 2010 by  
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Afgoo Strain Review also referred to as Afgooey

Afgoo is a medical marijuana strain that I have only recently come in contact with personally, but have had a lot of real great reviews come in for this one… So many that Afgoo was voted one of the Top Strains already this year, for having been one of the most popular and highest reviewed strain.



This is one of the strongest medical marijuana strains I have reviewed personally. That is saying a lot as I have smoked more strains than I can remember. This is the first medical marijuana strains that I think smokers should be warned about, saying you will be medicated could be an understatement. Afgoo is incredibly high quality medical marijuana.

The aroma from Afgoo is one of the more skunky hybrids I have come across recently, with a small hint of something sweet. The look of Afgoo is something amazing, the nugs are clearly dark green but appear light as they are so covered with crystals.

This is a medical marijuana strain that you need to seek out and try, as a marijuana connoisseur I am telling you this is one of the highest quality meds available.  Expect severe couch lock, a feeling of just wanting to lay back and relax, one of the most desired medicated states for many patients who have turned to medical marijuana… as well as many of those in the counter part who turn to marijuana for recreational usage.

The price and availability of Afgoo varies wildly based on areas and if it is a strain growers in your area can get their hands on. Afgoo is reported to be a moderate to high yielding plant however this is not something that can be confirmed. For reasons not including the Afgoo plants yield, it is highly recommended that if you come across the clones you give it a shot and see what you can come up with. Afgoo is a hardy strain and reported to be a fairly easy grow for patients new to harvesting their own meds.


5 Responses to “Afgoo (Afgooey) Medical Marijuana Strain Review”
  1. Terri says:

    I am growing Afgoo outdoors. If anyone is interested I will make clones.

  2. NYStoner says:

    This is a fantastic strain. Too bad, all gone. I’ll take a clone. But I’m in NV

  3. Delivery Director says:

    We carry this strain and others as well.
    Prop 215 only feel free to email us
    Organic Roots Delivery Service

    Be Well, Eric

  4. Bryce says:

    I heard a friend of mine could get some of this medicine from a friends personal grow. I decided to get a sample. It was so sticky and stunk so nice. Turning out there were a few seeds in a few of the buds, some nice looking, healthy seeds. Ive personally been growing blueberry. Upon reading this article, I’ve decided I will be germinating them later next week.

  5. JC in Kzoo says:

    Just took a couple of hits of Afgoo for the first time tonight. I wish I had bought more than a gram! It really is some good stuff! Probably the best I’ve had yet.

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