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Afghan Kush Strain Review

October 11, 2010 by  
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The Afghan Kush Medical Marijuana strain has quickly become one of the more popular versions of the Kush plant. Like most Kush plants the Afghan Kush is a very strong Indica dominant strain, and comes with all of the wonderful aspects of such.

Afghan KushThe Afghan Kush nugs when brought to full maturity will be dense and covered by a large number of orange hairs. The Afghan Kush is a great smelling medication although it does not have the traditional “Kush” odor… Afghan Kush smells far more fruity and with citrus hints.

The taste of Afghan Kush is very similar to that of most Kush strains but with a bit more of a citrus taste, similar to the smell when compared to the other Kush strains.

Afghan Kush can provide a bit of an energetic burst when first smoked but will, like most kush strains, result in a feeling of couch lock before too long. A very relaxed stone and an incredibly high quality strain, Afghan Kush is incredibly popular.

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