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530 Collective

530 Collective

1550 Locust Ave.

Shasta Lake City

(530) 275-0420

Hours of operation:  M-F 10a-7p; S&S 11a-5p



7 Responses to “530 Collective”
  1. Shasta Lake Resident says:

    Did you hear about this?? Unbelievable – how can any volunteer group deny accepting donations from a collective based on “christian beliefs?”

    Thu, 11/05/2009 – 16:41

    This week our KRCR News Channel 7 team has been getting to the bottom of the new Red Bluff ban on medicinal marijuana. Collectives, co-ops, and grows were all zoned out of the city limits.

    Red Bluff is not the only Northstate area taking a hard look at the role of medicinal marijuana in the community. A food pantry in Shasta Lake City is switching its stance on canned food donated by a local medicinal cannabis collective.

    The need has never been higher for food in the City of Shasta Lake. But their community pantry leader is putting his beliefs over the people’s needs, praying it pays off at Thanksgiving.

    Just last weekend, we reported that the 530 Collective had agreed to donate canned foods to the Shasta Lake Community Food Pantry. They would accept donations from members of the collective and then donate it to the pantry at Thanksgiving.

    Just four days later, the Director of the food pantry Ray Siner says he has had a change of heart and decided he could not in good faith accept any donations from the medical marijuana collective. He told us his Christian beliefs played a big role in his decisions.

    He said, “It would help. I’ll admit that, but I believe that the need will be met anyway, just like it has for the last four or five years [that] I’ve been running it out there.”

    The Shasta Lake Community Food Pantry serves 180 families every month and had told us donations are down.

    The 530 Collective says they will continue to accept donations. They are hoping to find a food pantry or group willing to work with them.

  2. Jamie Kerr says:




  3. Steven Williams says:

    If the “christian” people are hungry, accept anything that is given. Just because someone tends to believe in their faith, it does NOT give them the right to deny their “followers” a meal. People, feed your hungry, do not deny them food, over your beliefs. If your beliefs are so tight, than feed them out of your own pocket, and quit complaining when someone is trying to help.

  4. Jeff Michael says:

    Are you kidding me? Ray Siner is a hypocrictical ass…because it has to do with marijuana he has denied donations????? throw him out of his position and train someone with a half a brainstem in their head……Christians are supposed to be all welcoming and accepting, you know the whole do on to others….what example does this set? if anything it tells me he thinks he is better than thoes who use marijuana as a an alternitave…get off your high horse Ray a donation is a gift from the heart….but i guess as mm patients we don’t have those, right??? this disgusted me to read..

  5. Allen Martinez says:

    Great collective, Great people, and a Great big heart…Great dogs too!!

    I drove up here from Chico and will return again and again.

  6. Nichole Clemente says:

    This is really sad. I’m surprised at how often people who are religious and “say” that they are SO close to God can do things like this. I just wonder if he thinks God told him not to accept it? Or does he just occasionally forget about what he believes in? It seems like hes saying Christianity made up his mind. I find it scary that people personalize God and project their own feelings and thoughts onto Him and then dont hold themselves responsible for what “God” was telling them was right..

    I’m not religious. I go the other way and study science. But sometimes I wish I was wrong and there really was a big invisible man in the sky that loves us all and will protect some of us. Sometimes.

  7. Kelly Walen says:

    I shopped around for some time to find the right collective after I finally decided to try cannabis in place of a lot of meds for my back surgery and problems. I quit five different meds and the kidneys are working much better since then. Just a couple of edibles at bed time made this possible for me. It was nice to find a collective that wasn’t being run like some kind of Strip club or cheesy hang out. I feel safe coming there to get my medicine and everyone there is professional, friendly and knowledgeable and have been a huge help in getting me started off right.

    The dogs are a bonus! I love making cookies to bring them. I like the selection of tinctures they have and beings that I have an aging population of pets, I have used the tinctures for my older dogs and cats that have cancer or severe arthritis. I have used the tinctures on my critters with great success and am so happy to see them get some relief from their symptoms.

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