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4 Plant Marijuana Hydroponic Grow Kit

February 23, 2011 by  
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Out Grow’s 4 Site Hydroponic Grow Kit

Site Price: $65.00

This kit is perfect for beginning growers. It houses room for 4 plants, which can be planted as either a seed or rooted clone, and is best in the vegetative growth stage. Grow the plant in a slotted net cup, so that the roots are constantly circulated with nutrient enriched water. Includes: Out Grow bucket reservoir and pre-cut lid, 2 inch hydroponic air stone, hydrofarm air pump, 2 inch rockwool cubes, hydroton growing medium, 3 inch net pots, root guards, and a 7 foot long air house.


2 Responses to “4 Plant Marijuana Hydroponic Grow Kit”
  1. Jim Banning says:

    I like the concept but is marijuana plants being so close together, will they mature properly?
    Is everything there to start growing. Just plug and grow. Need lights of course.
    What is a 7 foot long air house?
    What do you think about LED’s for pot growing?

  2. the dude... says:

    dont buy this for marijuana, they need one bucket for themselves. go to homedepot and u can find a four site just like this one,only better quality. great for small plants, or even clones for veg. untill close to bloom. the bucket should be black too, not gray.

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